Shawnee’s Nutaku Takeover!

Hey guys! 

Shawnee here! I’m excited to announce that I will be doing a Nutaku takeover for the next month! Once a week you can check out their site for  a special blog post by yours truly. This week I travel back in time to the day I learned about hentai and what led me down the wonderful path I am on today! What will I cover next? You will have to check out their site to find out! 

Check out the post now!


What is Nutaku you ask? Nutaku is a hentai game site where they have a ton of free to play titles as well as downloadable games and mobile games for Android users.  They have so many fun games including visual novels, puzzle games, RTS games, and more. If you’ve been around here for a while you’ve probably seen our articles about them as well as heard us talk about them on the podcast. We are big fans!

I will be honest… the first time I saw  a Nutaku ad I thought it was one of those lame flash game sites but it isn’t! It is so fun and I highly recommend a visit!