Meet The Team


Shawnee is the creator/founder/editor in chief of Hentai HQ. She has a burning passion for the lewd and she decided to express that love by creating this site. She does the infamous rule 34 articles, hentai reviews, eroge reviews, and more on the site.

Outside of hentai Shawnee loves anime, video games, conventions, and being a massive troll. There are some precarious rumors going around about Shawnee and our two favorites is that she may be an actual witch/wizard and that she was a Russian baby kidnapped and brought to America. Will we ever find out if these rumors are true? Who knows? Learn more about her at


Hi! My Name is Fionna Schweit, and I love Hentai. I have a long background in journalism (the kind printed on paper) and it helps me to work in this crazy world of video games. I like all kinds of Hentai, but my favorite types are lesbian stuff and anything futa related. I also have a passion for Foxes. In addition to writing for here, I am the editor in chief of Kitsuga which reviews (non-H) games!




“Burnerman is one of many pop culture, hentai loving meat bags sailing the seas of online depravity. He enjoys long walks on the beach, ahegao faces, and big ass anime boobs.


Good evening my minions, as you can see I will now be a part of the Hentai HQ, but do not fear, I have not abandoned you my religious followers I’m just… expanding. Now a little bit about me, well i guess you can say I’m the library of some of the darkest things that the internet has to offer. Now don’t be afraid, I don’t bite… unless you want me too. And the only other thing you need to know, is that I am your messiah. So believe in my knowledge and that I only wish to bring joy to your naughty parts. So if you’re not apart of Hentai HQ this would be a good time to join, I will be writing about some of the best titties… i mean titles that are floating around in the dark side of the internet. Now don’t be afraid, and just take my hand. Let me devour your mind, as we journey into the Midnight Hour. Stay tune my minions.
Oh and one more thing, Happy Fapping~