Ana – Game Girls

Every Friday we spotlight a brand new game girl for you to feast your eyes on. Welcome to Game Girls! This week we’re celebrating mothers everywhere with a feature of one of gaming’s premier moms – Ana!

Name: Ana

Game: Overwatch

Game Type: Class-based FPS

Age: 60 (current day), 32 (Recruited into Overwatch)

Occupation: Sharpshooter, bounty hunter

Strengths: Shooting medicine straight into your body, ‘shhh’

Weaknesses: PTSD from that time she played against a really good Widowmaker

Fun Fact: Ana’s voice actress, like all of the voice actors in Overwatch, hails from her birth country of Egypt


Artist: 梁星

Artist: NeoCoil

Artist: CHoney

Artist: 21YC

Artist: 萌少女提煉工房

Artist: janong


Artist: cian yo

Artist: ohnips

Artist: kachima